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Shop for Tundra

Tundra now has his very own shirt! We wanted a way to not only help raise money for Tundra's growing medical bills but to 

also   help raise awareness to the situation he is in and to make people realize the danger

s of animal abuse and neglect. Shirts and tanks are $20 and half of that goes directly to tundra's medical bills! 

Order yours now!  A huge thank you to Sarah, one of our volunteers who designed the shirt and to Mass Threads for printing them!




Fighting for Tundra

Tundra was found in a field extremely emaciated and having suffered incredible neglect and abuse. We believe his muzzle was duct taped shut and he was left to starve.

Wednesday 8/27 - We received a desperate call from the Coachella Valley Animal Shelter and one of our volunteers met the shelter transport in Temecula and took him to Animal Urgent Care. He immediately began receiving IV fluids and eating small amounts of food every few hours to try and restart his emaciated body.

Thursday 8/28 - He had not yet had a bowel movement and he was still vomiting but the x-ray didn't show a blockage so we were hopeful that wasn't the cause of the vomiting. He was still eating small amounts of food every 3 hours.

Saturday 8/30 - He had a bowel movement and was still eating well but had a small tube inserted through his nose and down to his stomach to help relieve built up gas.

Monday 9/1 - The tube had been removed from his nose and he had put on a few pounds. We were hopeful for continued recovery.

Wednesday 9/3 - Tundra underwent emergency surgery and what we thought was a blockage was actually a huge tumor on his adrenal gland. The tumor was removed and sent for biopsy.

Friday 9/5 - Tundra was moved to a facility where he could see an internal medicine specialist to help figure out why he still wasn't able to keep food down.

Saturday 9/6 - His blood platelet levels were at 16 when they should have been 35 - he was very close to death. He received a blood transfusion but is still unable to hold food down. 

Monday 9/8 - His blood platelet levels are holding steady at 25 so this means his body is generating them, yay! We are waiting on the tumor biopsy results and tomorrow they should be doing a barium dye swallow test to help determine why he is still vomiting.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to him and shared his story. You can follow along with his progress on his very own Facebook page. You can also donate directly to his medical bills through PayPal.

(Please note, Tundra is not yet healthy enough to be available for adoption)





September Fundraiser: Scentsy

RSV Erica is donating 15% of her Scentsy sales to ITP for the month of September! So many cute warmers and delicious scents available. We are loving their Halloween line and think it's never too early to start getting into the spirit 
Shop our fundraising party here.

September Volunteer of the Month

Tom has been volunteering with ITP for over 2 years. Tom got his first pittie in 1995; her name was Kelly and she was found running the neighborhood. The vet told him she was a pit bull mix and he said "So what does that mean to me?"  (Typical engineer question) The vet said "If you don't know then nothing I guess." Kelly blossomed into a lovely dog.  They called Kelly their typical SoCal girl and had her 13 wonderful years. What got Tom interested in pitties again was watching Caesar Millan; Tom found ITP and the rest is history. Tom has been a great addition to our team and we are blessed to have him as Director of Volunteer Training/SMK Dogs! Thank you Tom for all you do!

2014 Adopt-a-Thon!

We are on a mission to adopt out 200 dogs into their Forever Families this year. You can help their dreams come true by sharing our pics & posts on Facebook.




Responsible Pet Owner Tips!       

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Military Bases Ban on Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Mixes

Thank you for visiting our site. Military bases do not allow Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes to live on base.  Therefore, It's the Pits (ITP) will consider military families but there will be guidelines that must be met and we will decide on a case by case basis.  Since ITP does rescue mixed breed dogs some of our dogs will be allowed in base housing. We would like to extend an invitation to FOSTER one of our dogs at your home off base, while waiting deployment or transfer. Since our pitties need foster homes, and you want a pittie in your life, Fostering is a win-win combo. You'll have full responsibility of caring for your foster, while all medical costs would be taken care of by the Rescue Group. Our doggies need your love and devotion - there's no greater feeling than helping a pittie by giving them a temporary home, while preparing your foster dog for their next assignment - a permanent home.  If you have any questions about the on base ban, we suggest you speak to your Base Commander. Thank you.