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Beefcake's Sponsorship Page

Name - Beefcake

Nicknames - Beefy

Age - adult

Weight - 50-ish

Other dogs – would do best as an only dog. Could potentially match with a very balanced, co-existing dog and a family that knows how to set boundaries right away. 

Cats - He is OK with cats but would need to monitored and introduced with slow introductions.  No aggression, just interested. 

Kids - OK out & about but needs to child-free home.

Background - Stray from Compton. Picked up by the police and brought to the shelter. 

Crate trained – Hates the crate. Would do best in a home with someone who works from home and a room where he can be left in a smaller area when you are away (only a couple hours a day).

Leash trained –  great on leash

Housebroken -  Uses the doggy door, will also go to the back door and wait. 

Eating Habits -  Great eater

Commands known -  Sit

Car rides -  Fine in the car.

Bath time -  Does fine.

Affectionate -  Affectionate and likes to be around his people.

Activity level -  Low, couch potatoes. Loves to go on walks but can't go far. Must be in a home with minimum stairs as he does have mild hip dysplasia. Does great on Carprofen and he loves to run around the yard and seems to be pain free.

Play style -  No real play style, more of a lounger.

Medical –  He has mild hip dysplasia. These issues don't stop him from doing everything he wants to do though, but do limit his ability to be too active out & about.  

Bad habits -  Snoring definitely! He CANNOT HAVE squeaky toys or squeaky balls as he will guard them.

Redeeming qualities -  Happy to see you always, gives you a happy dance when it’s time to eat. Loves to hang out with his people. 

Best feature -  His calm loving demeanor. You can just see it in his eyes how much he loves you and how he wants to be the bestest boy!  He has a fantastic personality.

What Foster Mom/Dad wants you to know - 

He definitely needs someone that will be structured with him know and that he can trust to keep him safe. He is a very smart boy and just wants to be with his family. Enjoys getting in a kiddy pool and cooling down with you. Is fantastic with every person he meets. He enjoys just spending time around people.

Please consider sponsoring Beefcake with either a one-time or monthly tax-deductible donation. Your donation will help It's The Pits with day-to-day care, including food, vaccinations, flea treatment, treats and toys. Click on the Sponsor This Pet link above to make your donation today. Thank you!


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